Reasons Not To Ignore A Cavity

It is important that patients visit our office for routine oral hygiene examinations and cleanings. During these visits, we thoroughly check your teeth, gums, and mouth for problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. One of the most common problems we see among patients of all ages is cavities. You have most likely heard the term “cavity” or have even experienced this problem and needed to receive treatment. We want to share more about cavities and the importance of receiving immediate treatment. Read on to learn more.

Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

Do you notice that there are signs of blood when you rinse your mouth after brushing? If so, you are experiencing bleeding gums. This can occur with something as simple as a piece of food or even a popcorn kernel getting stuck between your teeth. However, if you notice you are experiencing bleeding gums often, it can be an indication of a problem with your oral health. Bleeding gums can be caused by the following:

The Negative Oral Health Effects Of Stress

Do you feel that your lifestyle is stressful? Do you often feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to finish everything on your to-do list? We know that many people can feel like this from time to time, especially during the holiday season. Hopefully, now that the new year has arrived, your life will calm down and be less stressful. Stress can not only affect your overall health, but it can also affect your oral health. Read on to learn more about the ways in which your oral health may be in jeopardy.

The Importance Of Caring For Your Teeth When You Are Sick

We don’t know about you, but we could not be more excited for the arrival of the holiday season and the new year. What we are not excited about is the season when family and friends get the sniffles and other illnesses. If you or a loved one should happen to fall ill, there are certain precautions you need to take with your teeth and gums to ensure that your oral health doesn’t suffer.

How To Practice Preventative Care

We want to help our patients learn how to prevent dental problems from occurring. The best way to do this is with preventive dental care. When you care for your teeth properly, you have a better chance of keeping your natural teeth for life. Preventative dentistry focuses on keeping your teeth and mouth free from decay and disease, and it is something you can do on your own in conjunction with receiving care in our office. Read on to learn more about the importance of preventative dental care and how it can affect your oral health.

Does My Breath Smell? Causes Of Bad Breath

Do you find yourself constantly moving away when you speak to others or frequently reaching for mints to freshen your breath? We have all experienced bad breath at one point or another. Typically, it is from drinking coffee or eating certain foods. If you find yourself frequently experiencing bad breath, your mouth may be giving you a warning about a problem with your oral health.

The Miracle Of Bonding

Do you have an imperfection with one or more teeth and want to make an improvement? There are a number of reasons you may be unhappy with the appearance of your teeth. Thankfully, due to advancements in treatment and technology, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can make any change you wish. We have one simple treatment in particular that can bring about a major change in your smile. Read on to learn mo